Compostable Plastic Bags

A Greener Choice for a Sustainable Future

Our Products

We provide a range of compostable plastic bags with customized branding

Our Story

Our journey began with a profound and life-altering moment—the heart-wrenching loss of a cow due to the consumption of a plastic carry bag. This tragedy served as an indelible reminder of the devastating toll single-use plastics exact on our planet. Subodh Gupta, the father of Surdeep Seth, was moved to make a change. His visionary outlook inspired us to craft a sustainable solution to the plastic problem.

With steadfast determination, Surdeep Seth embarked on the creation of compostable plastic bags that marry eco-friendliness with functionality. These bags symbolize our unwavering commitment to combating plastic pollution and forging a brighter future.

Our story is one of transformation, born from a moment of introspection and fueled by a shared mission—to offer a superior alternative to single-use plastics and safeguard our environment for generations to come.

Our Team

Eco Warriors

Subodh Gupta

Visionary & Mentor

Surdeep Seth

Founder & CEO